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There is one-off set up cost of $149/£99/€140.
We do charge for extras like event ticketing and bulk email - please see here: FestivalPro Pricing

Yes the setup cost of the system is still the same. The extra costs still apply.

Please see our pricing here for system extras: bulk email, ticketing and extra file storage.

No, the money from ticket sales goes straight to your Paypal or Stripe account.

Set Up:

We can do a live demo of the system for you. We can share our screen and go over the parts of the system you are would like to use and anything else which might be useful to you.

We can come to you and do training session - please contact us here with your requirements (hours, location, number of staff) and we will send you a quote.

You can set up a system here. By putting in as much information as you can now, the less later. We have made the system as easy to use as possible so you can make any changes you need to get you started.

Sorry, no we don't. Our job is to provide the software for you to organise the event yourself. We can help you with the set up of the system.

If you would like us to put your logo on our website we can once you have signed up.

Support tickets:

Please see our pricing page here.

Each support ticket bought is one hour of support time. If the questions add up to more than one hour of work, you will be charged for a second.

For the price of one support ticket you get one of hour support time. If the time it takes us to do the work required is less than one hour you will still be charged one support ticket.

Expect a response within 8 business hours. If there is a serious problem it may take us longer to fix.

Once you are logged in there is a tab at the top of the page named 'Support'. A purchase page will appear where you can buy support tickets. Once purchased they will automatically be added to your account. You can then click on the support tab again and fill in the details of your problem.

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You can come to us and do training session - please contact us here with your requirements (hours, number of staff).

All queries must be sent in a support ticket email. Unless it's an emergency.



You can add as many users as you like.

They are counted as users but won't change the price. They have different access rights.

Yes. You can have multiple logins with different access levels. The main ones are Organiser, Artist Liaison, Staff Manager, Stage Manager and Ticketing. You can also give much more restricted access to Artists, Vendors, Contractors, Sponsors to log in and fill out forms. You also have the ability to restrict the view for certain information. For example, you can stop a stage manager from seeing the artist fee.

Using the System:

Each system is designed for one event to keep everything simpler. Multiple events on a single system do work, but many reports will not work as they are designed for a single event, once you start using the system you'll see that multiple events will make using the system too complicated.

Any spreadsheets you have containing company and contact details can be imported to the system in CSV format.

You can allocate meal tickets for people on the system.

Yes. You can log in into the system anywhere in the world. You also support various currieries and can add yours if it's not there already.

No. This software is cloud based.

Setting Up Events/Forms/Questionnaires:

You can modify the forms as much as you like; add any additional questions, file uploads or comment field.


No, the money from ticket sales goes straight to your Paypal or Stripe account.

Once a ticket is purchased a 10 letter/digit code is produced and a PDF is created. You can choose to send this out once they have paid or on a date before the festival.

If you would like to send out physical tickets please contact us here with the amount you expect to sell and the format you would like.

We can send you a spreadsheet with your orders and their unique codes.

We can send you weatherproof scanner and server to use on site. For pricing please contact use here. To scan tickets you will just need a normal Android handset. We have created a simple app which can be installed on there. The ticket is scanned, the information is sent wirelessly to a local server and the server send confirmation back to the app. As long it's its connected to that server (a Raspberry Pi which will be on site). The server will then send the information to FestivalPro and update the system.

RFID can be linked in, depending on the system you're using, it'll be down to the third party on whether they can connect to Festival Pro.


Not at present, but please keep checking back as we are always growing.


Our servers are located in the UK.

You can carry on using the software for your next festival. The data can be deleted, downloaded or saved for your use. It's up to you.

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